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Text Classification can be useful in understanding customer behaviour by categorizing conversations on social networks, feedback and other web sources. Search engines, newspapers, or e-commerce portals categorize their content or products to facilitate the search and navigation.

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Why our Text Classification API ?


Komprehend Text Classification API achieves state-of-the-art classification accuracy on News Category Dataset.


Komprehend Text Classification solution is built for most demanding requirements, already in use by various industries, from publishing to market research.


With very few labeled examples (100-200), Komprehend Text Classification API can be customized on any dataset.

How Our Text Classification API Works?

Text Classification is a very important tool for categorisation of data sets on a large scale. Text Classification assigns one or more categories to a text, allowing to structure data for better insights. We utilize a comprehensive list of taxonomy to categorize the text content or web page contents into definitive tags.

While this Text Classification API is trained on news headlines, it can be customized to categorize any user-defined categories by providing a small sample of labeled data.

use cases

Text Classification for improving SEO

Text classification can help you automatically classify your blog’s content and web pages.

CRM Automation

A text classifier is highly customizable and can be trained as per business needs. It can assign and analyze CRM tasks based on priority and relevance, thereby reducing significant time and manual work involved in such tasks.

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